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Seagreen is a destination like no other. We are an independent family owned and run gallery with two locations that are filled floor to ceiling with things reconfigured and recycled from antiques, farm objects, barn wood, license plates, antique bottles and windows, things from the sea and things from nature. But that’s only the beginning. Our galleries also make framed mirrors from tumbled antique bottle shards. We take the old windows and pour resin and place bottle slices and bottoms to make an updated repurposed stained glass.

We repurpose vintage album covers and hubcaps into clocks. We repurpose and update antique furniture into completely new pieces. We cut old pop bottles for glasses or to put our soy candles in. And from our back room we can whip up lots of composite repurposed sea creatures. Lamps are a specialty created from musical instruments, buoys and even an old football helmet or skate board. The possibilities are endless.

"Love this store! You can’t find anything like it. So original...Paula"

"This shop, this concept, this talent, this joie de vivre is everything I aspire to be...Brooke"

"Our favorite place on the OBX. The love of the ocean and the beach shines throughout...Judy"

"In all our travels this is by far the most creative and coolest store we have ever been in...Glenda "

The Garden

Step outside and into our Nags Head garden and a whimsical world awaits. You’ll find garden art, whirly gigs, nautical and farm antiques, driftwood and local beach finds surrounded by water ponds, and a lush garden inhabited with turtles, rabbits and lizards. Lose yourself in our garden oasis.

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