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Are we an art gallery?…yes.  Are we an art gallery filled with your rich aunt and uncle’s oil paintings?…no.

Our idea of an art gallery is to be a creatively stimulating destination.  We are different, affordable and big on the repurposing, with a touch of the antiquity and the beach theme. We want the dads and kids to be as impressed as the moms. We want our gallery and Nags Head garden to make hearts pound, eyes open wide and creative juices flow. We often hear “why didn’t I think of that” or “I have lots of this stuff in my garage”. We want to encourage people to think out of the box and reconsider or refigure that stuff in their garage.

Our art gallery considers “quirky” as a badge of honor…we are a family business and the four of us create or repurpose about half of what is in our store. We do not buy much from trade shows but instead scour flea markets, search junk shops, and meet pickers. We search online for unique and different artists from around the world. Our gallery embrace free trade and fair market small businesses and one of a kind artists. We support and carry the work of over 50 local artists.

Here is a list of some unconventional art in our gallery:

License plate signs on weathered boards….record album clocks…hubcap clocks… sea creatures on driftwood made from silverware…mosaic birdhouses… mirrors from tumbled antique glass…old windows with bottle  bottoms and tumbled glass…metal art animals from old tools and junk metal…matted prints…rustic barnwood frames…made in house soy and natural essence candles…zipper pouches sewn locally and made from textiles from around the world…seaglass jewelry…loads of bracelets, earrings and necklaces from seeds, beads and natural stones from around the world…pop bottle glasses…bottle neck swags made from the before mentioned pop bottles…porcupine quills…telephone wire baskets from Ghana Africa…loads of the metaphysical…wands crystals, fossils…pillow shams and purses made from Turkish rugs.

Art does not need to be scary or stuffy. Seagreen Gallery is a place to relax, discover, and let your mind wander.