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When you see someone wearing jewelry you can usually pinpoint a place or region from where it came by it’s style or the materials it was made from. Seagreen’s jewelry comes from all over the world and we lean towards the natural, materials from nature, things repurposed or antique and semi-precious vs what I call ‘stuffy’. 

Our jewelry artists come from near and far bearing their creativity and special niches. Jamie and Gia crochet Czech beads into delicate bracelets that close with a vintage button.  Doctor Gus turns vintage silverware parts into amazing pendants and bracelets. Kim and Lynda make wrapped and drilled seaglass necklaces. Sara stands alone with her light as a feather laser cut earrings and bracelets made from bicycle inner tubes. 

We turn beads into awesome jewelry.  Seed beads from nature, recycled glass beads hand rolled from Ghana in lovely shades of cobalt, turquoise and greens into bracelets. Acai beads in a rainbow of color choices into bracelets. Hand painted clay baked beads from Africa. Coral beads, lava beads and turquoise from the southwest. In addition to beads, we use pearls, abalone, geode slices, butterfly wings, beetle wings, dragonfly wings, feathers and real flowers in resin to create all sorts of unique jewelry.

A favorite in our gallery is the build your own necklace cabinet at our Nags Head location. Six drawers filled with jewelry accoutrements; sort of like a build your own bear mini workshop. Keys, nautical charms, semi- precious stones, geodes, antique skeleton keys, typewriter keys and of course lots of seaglass. Cluster your choices on a chain.

Jewelry that is a bit different, clever and unique is our goal. Ever think about a buffalo head nickel bracelet or a brooch punched from vintage china plates. Come see us.