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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. .. No it’s a fish. Folks see different things in the amazing array of shapes, sizes and sculptures that driftwood provides. Seagreen Gallery has hundreds of pieces of driftwood priced from $1 to $100.

Many think that the ocean beaches have troves of driftwood. But there are no forests on the Outer Banks oceans. Much of our driftwood is pulled from beneath the surface of the Alligator River, 20 miles east of Nags Head. Our brave driftwood hunters wade into the Alligator River shallows and feel with their feet for the pieces of driftwood.  They then pull them by hand from the river bottom where they have been for 50, 75 and even 100 years. These natural antiques arrive by the pick-up truckload bi-weekly in the mid-summer. Harvesting driftwood is not a job for the faint of heart or for the cold-water of winter.

Seagreen Gallery sells most of its driftwood just as it emerges from the river bottom. But we also combine some of it with metal art: turtles, crabs, and dragonflies. Or we attach small license plate lettering to some driftwood pieces to create mini desk signs, some of which say OBX, Nags Head, or low tide.

On the Outer Banks driftwood is the ornamental rock of our coast. Come and get your signature piece of driftwood for indoors/outdoors at Seagreen Gallery. Your future driftwood coffee table or garden feature awaits you.