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When you walk out the back doors of our Nags Head location and into the garden there is a used street sign nailed to the reclaimed wooden boardwalk that says BEAUTIFICATION AREA AHEAD. And to your left is a claw foot bathtub with a classic boat motor propped up in the back. The tub spills into a lazy stream that runs the length of the workshop wall filled with garden art. Look up for the full view and you might think you’ve stepped into the whimsical garden of the yellow submarine. More interconnecting streams, and mosaic bridges, two 8 ft driftwood waves, a mosaic cement wave, a fire hydrant shooting water, fruit trees, winding paths that reveal patches of garden vegggies, garden bunnies running free, garden turtles, lots of koi and goldfish, and sweet tiny anoles.

The Nags Head garden is 100% the creation of Will, the garden tender. The kid that never grew up. He can make the wee ones as well as the aging duchesses squeal with delight.  So much to see in this sensory overload. There is also a lot of interesting, fun things for sale. Whirlygigs, wine bottle windchimes, mosaic birdhouses, buoys on a rope, used street signs, farm implement garden art, whelk shells, torches, birdfeeders, and driftwood. Did I mention driftwood?…so much driftwood. We even sell our super dirt, cottonseed dirt (the composted stems and seeds that is super rich in nitrogen) provided by farmer Rick.

The Nags Head garden is a crowd pleaser. When we started the gallery /garden we said we wanted to create a destination, a memorable event. If there is one part of our store that exemplifies that concept, its Will’s garden.